posted: 2014-12-31 by Steven Grinberg

Social media has the potential to shrink the world to levels only dreamed about by great science fiction novelists and their fans. The industry has been and continues to be a growth industry. While there is a huge opportunity for success, there are incredible barriers to entry for entrepreneurs. It offers marketers massive amounts of information to better understand their customers and competition as well as proven channels for communication with their user-base. The companies we focused on are behemoths and they were highly dependent on external funding in their early years.

There are currently major issues that negatively impact the user and things don't seem to be improving. No reasonable person with any business acumen would tell you to dive in and expect success. It is going to be very difficult to be a living David in this land full of Goliaths. What can be said is that the industry is here to stay and entering the industry has rewards that outweigh the risks. Therefore, research the opportunities directly within, between, and peripheral to the industry. See how social media can be leveraged for your success regardless of what industry you're in. You've been provided with a great starting point and the information you need to take it to the next step. Below is an infographic summarizing the some of the key concepts covered.

Social Media Industry Approach Infographic

Finally, please keep in mind that the information provided in this resource is for educational purposes. This is one set of speculative interpretations and opinions of the data available. There are no guarantees about the correctness or validity of this collection of information. While you are welcome to utilize these strategies for your own purposes, you take full responsibility for any associated risks that may arise along the way. If you do incorporate any part of this work into your own, please let us know and link back to us. Feel free to contact us for assistance in research, planning, or execution with your venture. We will be more than happy to discuss how our services can help you succeed.